Can’t Get Facebook Avatar? – What to Do About Facebook Avatar Not Working

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Facebook Avatar is one of the best features that has been made available on the Facebook social media platform. Some users still have issues with not being able to access their avatar creator and because of this, they can’t create their very own avatars. People keep having different ideas about why they can’t have access to this feature. There shouldn’t be so much surprise why you can’t create your Facebook avatar if you read this article to the very end.

Facebook avatar is not just a feature, it’s a trend that has brought so much excitement to Facebook users. This is the very reason people are unhappy about not being able to participate in the trend. Think about having all your friends create their avatars on Facebook and you seem to be left out because it isn’t working for you. Now, let’s review why this may be happening.

Can’t Get Facebook Avatar

Review of Some Reasons Why Facebook Avatar May Not Be Working

People have different ideas not being able to access the Facebook avatar feature. Most of the time, people emphasize on not having the latest version of the Facebook app on their smart devices. Without any doubt, this is one of the major reasons for Facebook avatar not working. Also, people have embraced this truth and updated their Facebook mobile app but still, haven’t been able to get the feature. This may also be because the feature hasn’t been launched in the part of the world where you find yourself. Only a handful of countries have access to the Facebook Avatar Maker at the moment, which is another reason for them not being able to create their avatars on Facebook.

Looking at the information given, you will understand why Facebook avatar isn’t working. Here are parts of the world where you have the feature available; the USA, the UK, Canada, Africa, India, Australia, Europe, and New Zealand.

How to Fix Your Facebook Avatar Not Showing Up

Some people who are in the above-mentioned countries have updated their Facebook mobile app but still can’t access the feature. This has left them wondering what the problem may be. If you can’t find the feature, follow these tips:

  • Update your Facebook mobile app.
  • Open your last message.
  • Click on the Smiley Face in the comment bar.
  • As soon as it opens, click on an icon looking like the Angry Bird found towards the left and it will take you to Facebook Avatar Creator.

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