Canada Work Permit Types 2023 – What You Need to Know

Do you look forward to working in Canada? But are you unsure of the kind of work permit you need to obtain? Do not be concerned; we have you covered. We’ll talk about the various work permits available in Canada today. You need a work permit to enter Canada, start your professional career there, and build a promising future.

You are unable to enter Canada and begin employment there without a work permit.

Each year, Canada announces hundreds of new positions. There are many chances for you to launch your business and hire competent, talented, and skilled workers. As a result, you must submit a work permit application.

Which form of work permit is best for your type of employment or company goals in Canada will be covered in this article.

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Work Permit Categories in Canada by 2023

There are two main categories of work permits in Canada, each of which is further broken down into subcategories. The two primary categories of work permits are:

  • Employer-specific work permit.
  • Open work permit.

Employer-specific work permit.

This work authorization enables an employee to work for a certain business or employer. You are only permitted to work for the employer to whom the work permit has been issued. You will be permitted to work there for a set amount of time.

You must obtain a few things from your employer before submitting an application for an employer-specific work visa, such as;

  • Employment offer number
  • A positive copy of LMIA.

An employer can receive the LMIA letter from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). This letter states that there are no local candidates available to fill the post, so we must find a foreign applicant.

On the other side, the job offer letter contains information on the position, like the salary range, job responsibilities, hours, etc.

Application Methodology.

An employer-specific work permit can be applied for in two simple steps.

  • Employer will request an LMIA letter,
  • Once received, the employee will apply for a work permit.

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Each person must pay $155 for the application.

Work permit with no LMIA requirement.

In this situation, an LMIA letter is not required, but your employer is still required to make you a legitimate job offer.

NAFTA work authorization

Nationals of Mexico and the United States are able to work in Canada without an LMIA letter thanks to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). However, you must have experience in the field for which you are applying.

Applying for a NAFTA work visa can be done through

  • Canada Port of entry,
  • Canadian visa officer
  • Inside Canada as temporary residents.

Documents required for NAFTA. 

  • Proof of Mexican or American citizenship
  • Duration of stay in Canada
  • Proof of employment in Canada
  • Credentials proof etc.

The fee for employment offer for NAFTA is $230, while the work permit insurance fee is $155.

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CETA Work Permit.

Candidates for membership in the European Union are eligible for this kind of work visa. Candidates from Europe now have access to a variety of career opportunities because to CETA. Without a work permit or LMIA, you are allowed to enter Canada.

Application Methodology.

You can submit an application through the Visa Application Center or the Canadian Port of Entry.

Canadian Open Work permit.

The next two subcategories are separated into this kind of work visa for Canada;

  • Restricted Open work permit
  • Unrestricted open work permit.

A restricted Open work permit allows the employee to work for a specified company for a set amount of time, which distinguishes these two. An unlimited work permit, on the other hand, will let you work anywhere and for any employer.

Application Methodology.

Select the kind of work permit from the two subcategories, then submit your application with all necessary details.

The following is the application fee for an open work permit:

  • Work permit charges: $155
  • Work permit holder costs: $100

Candidates Exempted from a Work Permit in Canada 2023.

The following kinds of foreign applicants are excluded from needing work permits:

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  • Foreign representatives.
  • News reporters.
  • Media Crews
  • Artists
  • Athletes and team
  • Public speakers
  • Business investigators and visitors
  • Judges
  • Incident inspectors
  • Foreign Government officials
  • Military officers

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