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The controversy surrounding Bulli Bai app is what has prompted people to look for a way to download the application.

With the government ban on the app and the detention of its creator, crowd’s voices have been raised to ask questions about this application many are talking about.

The application is one that has brought a rumble to a newly started year, a year that was started with joy and happiness.

Bulli Bai app is an app that focuses on posting women, many women, performing different activities.

Most of these pictures are what has brought about rage in the Muslim community, with women complaining that it berates Muslim women.

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Many women who found their pictures on the platform have complained bitterly.

With all these complains, the detention of the application maker was carried out with immediate effect.

Bulli Bai app was made using GitHub’s Application Programming Interface, after which it was made available on the GitHub platform for download.

Bulli Bai App

Following complains, the application was and has been taken down.

Sources mentioned that the application was available on the Google Play store and was taken down due to complains.

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Bulli Bai App Download

It is not certain that the application can still be accessible, but many sources have made the application available for people.

Most people would want to download the application out of curiosity to see what has caused the fury and the rage concerning the application.

To download this application, one would need an internet connected android device, of which one is to allow installation from unknown sources on the device’s security settings.

Click Here to download Bulli Bai app to see the posts and features that has made people cry out loud and discover what other people have gotten to see.

There’s no information that suggests that the app is functional, but one can try to download and see if it works.

Thanks for reading.

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