Bubble Tea Mod APK 2.3.2 (Unlimited coins, no ads)

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Bubble tea stores have been springing up all over in recent years. Everyone appears to be doing the same thing because of the influence of young kids on the internet posting images of their teas. This has progressed to the point where bubble tea stores can now be found on every corner of the street.

If you enjoy bubble tea, you’ll enjoy this game. Dual Cat has created a team-building game called Bubble Tea.

The game has over ten million downloads on the Google Play Store alone. You’ll have to make a variety of bubble teas in this game. Making them isn’t as straightforward as it appears in real life. It takes both imagination and patience. Continue reading to learn more about this fantastic game.

Bubble Tea Mod APK


Bubble tea is really popular. You can’t get enough of the savoring flavor of iced tea paired with the bubbly effect, which makes it even more wonderful. Naturally, we’re interested in learning more about how our favorite teas are manufactured. If you are, you will undoubtedly enjoy it.

Bubble Tea is a casual tea-making game that has received over 10 million downloads on Google Play.

In this game, your goal is to make several varieties of teas in the correct order. The bubbles will be placed first, followed by the liquid. Then, as you master your bubble tea making skills, you’ll be able to earn new skins for your bubble teas. Making them, however, isn’t as easy as counting from 1 to 3!

Patience is required.

Features of Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea is a fantastic bubble tea making game in which you may make a variety of different bubble teas. If you enjoy them in real life, you will undoubtedly enjoy this game. Here are some of its characteristics:

The unique gameplay

Fortnite or PUBG are probably the first games that come to mind when you think of smartphone gaming, right? This is due to the fact that these are the most popular games nowadays. But what if you knew that thousands of unique games are released on a regular basis? Yes, Bubble Tea is one of them. You’ll be blending flavors to make several types of bubble teas in this game.

Fantastic graphic:

Although Bubble Tea is developed in 2D graphics, it is well-made. The ingredients, as well as the effects, are excellent. The bubble tea brewing method will be enjoyable for you because the benefits are fantastic. Nothing beats the satisfaction of making bubble teas.

Simple controls

The controls in this game are simple; all you have to do is tap into the machines and then tap the checkmark when you’re done. Apart from that, all you have to do is regulate how much liquid and bubbles you put into the container in order to properly match the order.


When you finish orders in Bubble Tea, you will be rewarded in a variety of ways. You’ll be able to gather a variety of bubble tea covers in various styles to make your teas even more delicious.

Offline play

Bubble Tea is a one-of-a-kind game that you can enjoy even when you’re not connected to the internet. This is a game that you can play even if you don’t have access to the internet.

Bubble Tea Mod APK – Unlimited Coins, no ads

This Bubble Tea is a bubble tea maker and it gives players the opportunity to create bubble teas. You should go ahead and download the unlimited money mod in order to explore all the features.

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