Bose Reveals Three New Glasses With Speakers

Bose recently launched three new models for its Frame line of hybrid sunglasses/headphone devices over a year after it introduced the two original options. The new models are named Tempo, Tenor, and Soprano. Take note that like their predecessors, they’re sunglasses built with mini speakers.

The Tempo is a pair of sunglasses designed specifically for sports and is made of TR90, a thermoplastic material that can withstand extreme heat and various conditions. It also has grippy nose pads to prevent the eyewear from falling down your face while you’re in motion. With 22mm speakers built in it, you can still hear what you’re listening to even while moving at 25mph.

Bose Reveals Three New Glasses With Speakers

Well, both Tenor and Soprano were made for use on a daily bases, with the former having a square style design and the latter having a subtle cat-eye shape. They both consist of 16mm speakers, and are scratch and shatter-resistant, and last for 5.5 full charges. You can also select the lenses to go with: Mirrored Blue and Silver for Tenor, Rose Gold, and Purple-fade for Soprano.

To add to that the Tempo is USB-C compatible has eight hours of battery life and has several lenses to choose from: the basic polycarbonate one, Road Orange (can reduce glare from reflective surfaces), Trail Blue (can increase contrast under bright sun conditions) and Twilight Yellow (a very low light lens for use at dusk).
All three designs are ready for purchase at a given price of $249.95 from Bose and select resellers.

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