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Apple Device users often encounter multiple issues when they update their device to the latest iOS, transfer files or data from the old device to the new iDevice, jailbreak, or invoke any new software on their device. There can be a number of reasons for iPhone-oriented issues from software or hardware related to even some certain internal technical glitch or bug in iOS which just requires to be resolved.

Today, we have compiled some of the most frequently occurring iPhone issues and their solutions.

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iPhone White Screen of Death

Jailbreak failed to upgrade, or hardware-oriented issues can create the iPhone White Screen of Death. Whenever you find such kinds of issues, simply restart your system. If that fails to fix the problem, try to perform the hard reset (factory reset). If the hard reset procedure doesn’t work as well, then it is recommended you boot your iDevice in DFU mode.

However, keep in mind, both the hard reset as well as booting in DFU mode will erase all your previous settings and files/folders on iDevice. If you encounter such a situation where your iDevice gets stuck at the white screen and then you don’t have iTunes or iCloud backup, then you need to backup your important data through Stellar Recovery. Afterward, resolve the iPhone white screen error with DFU mode or hard reset.

iPhone Water Damaged

Spilled a glass of water or any other liquid on your iDevice or unknowingly dropped it in a water bucket or pool!

Water damaged iDevices might or might not turn on. There are high possibilities of losing your iDevice data as well. In fact, Apple doesn’t cover liquid damages within its warranty period.

Try to dry it by rubbing it on a towel. Afterward, take out the SIM card and do not insert it right away! Unfortunately, water or any sort of damage can result in the loss of iPhone data. Don’t worry! You will be able to recover your lost data including photos, videos, audios, contacts, etc, from iTunes or iCloud backup. In case, you are not able to restore from backup, then try to use the Stellar Data recovery.

iPhone Overheating

Have you ever encountered an iPhone overheating issue? There are a number of iDevice users facing overheating issues from time to time on their brand-new devices. To resolve the overheating issues, first, take your device to a cooler environment and then remove the iPhone case and let it cool for some time. You can also attempt to ‘Reset All Settings’ to resolve the overheating problem. Updating to the latest iOS also fixes the issue.

iTunes Error 3194

iDevice users can encounter iTunes error 3194 while upgrading or restoring the device. This can be either due to the incorrect firmware version, the iOS version that you are using isn’t authorized by Apple or you are using a jailbreak in order to upgrade your iDevice.

But, it can be resolved by making some major to minor changes in the host files. Users can also factory reset the device to resolve the iTunes error 3194. But, in the case of data loss, use Stellar Data Recovery and recover all the data or files you need.

iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

There are a number of causes for which your iDevice can get stuck on the Apple logo. The major reasons can be a failed iOS update, jailbreak of an iPhone, or anything related to the hardware problems.

You can resolve the issue by restarting the iDevice. You can also do the hard reset, or put your device in the Recovery Mode. Before doing the hard reset try to backup all your essential data and files.

iPhone Applications Freezes

iPhone applications can freeze while launching it. This could be probably due to your iOS version that is not supporting the app or the application is not correctly installed on your iPhone. If any iPhone app stops responding, freezes, or unexpectedly quits, then simply reboot your device, and again verify if the application is working. At times, reinstalling the newest version of the app from the App store also fixes the iPhone application freezes issue.

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