Best Colleges for Advertising and Public Relations – Find the Right Fit for You

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A college education can be an investment that pays you back in spades during your entire career, so it’s important to choose the right one from the start.

While every school has something unique to offer you, some schools do better at certain things than others do.

When looking for colleges for advertising and public relations, keep these five factors in mind to make sure you’re making the best choice possible.

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Georgetown University

One of America’s best universities, Georgetown has earned a reputation as one of the most prestigious schools in Washington D.C. An education here will certainly do wonders for your career prospects in public relations and advertising.

Located just a few miles from both Howard University (ranked #1) and George Washington University (ranked #10), many aspiring PR professionals choose to study at Georgetown because it offers them everything they need to begin a successful career in marketing communication.

The school also allows students to specialize in their degree in Communications or Advertising, which is great if you know you want to pursue that path right away.

However, even if you aren’t sure yet, those degrees offer fantastic flexibility; you can always double major or minor with other courses later on!

Washington and Lee University

Washington and Lee are located in Lexington, Virginia. They have an advertising department that’s highly regarded by students, ranked best in the country in 2013 by Parson’s PR Week.

The students at Washington and Lee majoring in advertising earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. Their classes are small, typically with between 15-25 students; their instructors have vast real-world experience with positions like CEO of Wunderman West, President of TBWA/Chiat Day Los Angeles, Chairman Emeritus of BBDO New York, or Vice President at Grey New York.

Northwestern University

Located in Evanston, IL, Northwestern is known as one of the best business schools in America. It offers a degree in marketing that is perfect for those looking to make their way into public relations or advertising.

The school has a history of producing leading figures in its fields, like Dan Wieden and David Kennedy of Wieden+Kennedy who led an iconic campaign with Nike:

Just Do It. With a world-class journalism program on campus as well, Northwestern is an all-around great choice.

The University of Texas at Austin

Known for its strong journalism program, Austin’s public school was ranked No. 1 by Princeton Review in 2018.

The University of Texas also produces more graduates than any other school in Texas; if you’re looking to get a degree close to home with top-notch programs, UT is your best bet.

Programs offered include marketing, advertising, and PR with an emphasis on digital communications courses that are especially popular among students who are already familiar with social media platforms.

UT-Austin also offers an advertising certificate program, which requires an additional 12 credit hours beyond a bachelor’s degree at a cost of $285 per semester.

University of Southern California

Higher education can be pricey, but with a bit of planning, you can make a university or college education affordable without compromising quality.

Students who are willing to attend part-time can generally save thousands of dollars on tuition and living expenses by working toward their degree over a longer period of time.

Most schools offer part-time programs that allow students to continue working during school years and provide flexible schedules for working professionals who cannot attend school full-time.

Additionally, taking some classes online or through an extension program at another university may cut down on costs even more.

There are even some accredited online universities that offer degrees in advertising at much lower costs than traditional brick-and-mortar schools.

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