9 Best Coffe Shops in Atlanta - Places to Relax, Read, Work & Have Fun With Friends

9 Best Coffee Shops in Atlanta – Places to Relax, Read, Work & Have Fun With Friends

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Atlanta may not be the primary spot that rings a bell for a truly heavenly mug of coffee since urban areas like Portland, Sydney, Seattle, Melbourne, Chicago and New York absorb a merited portion of the spotlight. However, if you’re looking to lay low with your laptop, hang out with friends, or need a quick cup of coffee, there’s a coffee shop to suit every mood. Check out our list of cafe’s and shops to grab an espresso, a cappuccino, or a soul-soothing cup of black coffee.

9 Best Coffe Shops in Atlanta -  Places to Relax, Read, Work & Have Fun With Friends

Refuge Coffee Co.

Just on the out sketch of Atlanta where the UN resides a few thousand refugees every year, it’s exciting to know that there’s a coffee for you. Their jazzy red trucks are parked at specific locations and serve amazing coffee and specialty drinks all over Atlanta. With job training and mentoring for refugees and immigrants, Refuge Coffee in Clarkston is part darn-good coffee purveyor, part mission-driven community project.

Refuge Coffee Co.

Refuge’s limited food menu has pastries from Decatur-based Ratio Bakeshop. The cafe also uses a Clarkston baker for sambusas, the distinctly triangular pastries native to Somalia and Ethiopia.

Location: 145 Auburn Ave NE Suite A, Atlanta, GA 30303, United States

East Pole Coffee Co.

East Pole Coffee Co.

What’s it like inside the space?

The 2,000-square-foot coffee bar is a cafe and patio seating, and a production space and roastery behind glass. This cute cafe in the Armour and Piedmont Heights neighbourhoods has lots of space to chill out, including a patio out front.

What’s the population like?

East Pole’s customers is taught about espresso—it’s no big surprise, since the bistro and roastery has measuring meetings on Saturday mornings. Since the baristas make their latte craftsmanship and pour over specialities simply ventures from the simmering room, visitors can pose inquiries—and find nitty gritty solutions—about where their beverage comes from and what makes it unique.

More about this roasting room

There’s seasonal drinks alongside the expert brews on filters, and do keep an eye out for the public cupping sessions. East Pole imports, then roasts, its single-origin green coffee beans, meaning the quality here is high.

The food is limited: packaged granola bites from Hapeville-based purveyor Happy Camper, scones, pastries, and chocolate bars by Atlanta-based Xocolatl.

Location: 255 Ottley Dr NE #105, Atlanta, GA 30324, United States

Moonbird Coffee

Moonbird Coffee

What’s your first impression when you purchase your coffee

Basicallly, you feel like an insider just locating Moonbird Coffee. They have all the usual suspects here like drip coffee, lattes, mochas, cappuccinos, and cold brew. And also seasonal speciallty drinks like lavender lattes and spicy Mexican mochas.

Provided Snack for you

What Moonbird lacks in savory snacks it makes up for in sweets: crumb cakes, cinnamon-raisin scones, and, on special occasions like Valentine’s Day, a homemade rendition of Pop-Tarts.

What do you think about Moonbird

It’s a really nice place to catch up with friends, and they do a really good job to remember your order. On weekends, you can bring you kids and wath vintage cartoons or a football game on the drop-down projector screen.

Location:  5394 Peachtree Rd, Chamblee, GA 30341, United States

Dancing Goats Coffee Bar

Dancing Goats Coffee Bar

People you’re likely to see

On an average afternoon, Dancing Goats attracts a good number of reugulars, both fomr the immedate neighborhood and Beltline visitors from further out of town. The mix here includes plenty of guests discovering the cafe for the first time.

Tell us about the drinks and snacks

This joint is owned and managed by local roaster Batdorf & Bronson, and it offers all the usual suspects—macchiatos, cappuccinos, lattes, pour overs, cold brew—plus out-of-the-box seasonal creations like, recently, a turmeric-ginger cappuccino. The food here is also worth considering, but not the focus – just chicken salad, croissants, muffins, scones, and donuts from Duck’s Cosmic Kitchen in Decatur.

Whats the impression you get here

Dancing Goat’s staff have a thing for making you feel there’s nowhere they’d rather be or anything they’d rather be doing than making your perfect drink. This is a good spot to chill after a long walk, run on the Beltine.

Location:  650 North Avenue NE, Atlanta, GA 30308, United States

Rev Coffee Roasters

Rev Coffee Roasters

Tell us about the space

Very close to the cafe is garage where you can get your car repaired and has been keeping locals refreshed with coffee since 2010. Just outside, a whole wall is decorated with a colorfull mural of a hummingbird that’s inscribed with lyris from the Gershwin hit “Summertime”.

Who are you likely to find here on an average afternoon?

Rev’s customers are majorly local crew with regular orders. Nonetheess, with the city’s new SunTrust Park, the Atlanta Bravess home stadium, there’s an influx of newcomers discovering this cafe every now and then.

What’s special on the menu

The coffee menu isn’t over-the-top creative at Rev. You’ll find expected favorites like cold brew, French press, pour overs, cortados, and cappuccinos, as well as a selection of tea, hot chocolate, and chai. However, the coffee, which is roasted onsite from high-quality beans, is super fresh.

What’s the option for a quick meal

In the morning, you’ll find flatbread breakfast sandwiches stuffed with eggs, cheese, and ham; fluffy biscuits with chicken or sausage; and chocolate croissants, gooey cinnamon rolls, and velvety quiches. At lunch, sandwiches include house-made pimento cheese, nutty chicken salad on ciabatta, and a stack piled high with red pepper hummus and veggies.

Location: 1680 Spring Rd SE B, Smyrna, GA 30080, United States

Brash Coffee

Brash Coffee

Where do you find yourself, and what’s the vibe?

The design sits on a perpetual establishment in the flourishing Westside Provisions District—a brilliant illustration of Atlanta’s penchant to repurpose noteworthy structures—and urges supporters to accept the Italian or Australian method of flying in for a speedy espresso prior to heading on their way.

What’s the crowd like?

Since seating is so restricted, most clients get their refreshments to go. You’ll see sets of youthful mothers with carriages out for their morning walk, gourmet experts halting in before a move, slick staff members from encompassing shops, including Billy Reid and Sid Mashburn, and Atlantans searching for a concise respite from the city’s broadly difficult traffic. As the day wears on, specialists with PCs post up at the couple of indoor stools by the floor-to-roof windows sitting above Howell Mill Road.

Good and quality coffee

Sydney-conceived proprietor Chris McLeod moved to town and needed to raise Atlanta’s espresso experience. Since opening Brash in 2015, he’s made a framework to control each progression of the store network. First of all, he just serves and sells espresso from singular Central and South American ranchers whose ranches he has actually visited. He imports green espresso beans, which his staff broils week after week to supply the shop. In view of those individual associations with ranchers (whom he compensates fairly above even “reasonable exchange” costs), Brash baristas can offer point by point data on how and where the beans are developed. For example, the Las Delicias beans from producer Miguel Menendez are Pacamara espresso beans, conceal developed at 4,200 feet in the mountains of El Salvador. Coffee, then, is pulled from a La Marzocco machine, and mocha and vanilla syrups are made in-house. For a super-smooth and less energized drink, attempt cascara (espresso cherry tea), fermented new to arrange.

What’s the snack situation?

Reckless’ center capability is espresso. Rather than redirecting center, it offers a restricted menu of prepared treats from Proof Bakeshop in Inman Park. Pair your espresso with a flaky chocolate croissant, flavorful scone, or wanton brownie.

Location:  1168 Howell Mill Rd #0516, Atlanta, GA 30318, United States

Academy Coffee ATL

Institute Coffee ATL is a space where magnificently made coffee, and teas simply aren’t sufficient. We at Academy are continually pushing the limits of our palates. Referring to flavors from everywhere the world, we make wonderful claim to fame drinks that advance and lift the experience of a conventional bistro menu. Using culinary and mixology strategies, our work goes past that of your standard bistro contributions.

As a Multi-Roaster shop, we source espresso from the absolute best espresso roasters stateside and abroad. Our obligation to the nature of item and administration goes a long ways past a straightforward very much made drink. We are continually tasting, re-tasting, and enhancing what we discover to be praiseworthy espresso rehearses. Having worked with many roasters all through our vocations, we are enthusiastic about growing your venture into the espresso business.

Location: 660 Irwin St NE, Atlanta, GA 30312, United States

Chrome Yellow Trading Co

This coffee and dry goods/clothing store in Atlanta’s Old FourthWard is easily one of the coolest spaces in the city. Grab a cold brew Stumptown coffee and fresh pastry at the coffee bar and then explore the retail section for all the tshirts and candles you never knew you needed ’til now.

Location: 501 Edgewood Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30312, United States

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