6 Benefits of Using Video in Your Social Media Strategy

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You have undoubtedly heard or even noticed it; video is a very interesting lever in digital marketing. If you’re not using video on your social media, you’re missing out on a great branding opportunity. But it’s not too late to change, and this article will give you all the keys to get started!

Videos as a Social media communication and marketing tool

Interesting posts, links to the company blog, and beautiful photos are undoubtedly contents in your digital editorial plan. Still, video, in particular, is a pivotal tool to be noticed and generate trust on social networks and beyond: according to a study, sending a video via newsletter reduces the likelihood of people clicking “unsubscribe” by 26%, while in 2021, also thanks to the streaming boom, trends show that more and more companies have relied on online video as a tool of marketing.

In short, whether you are trying to promote a small local reality or a service to spread throughout the continent, making videos is no longer a simple option but something that will happen to you more and more frequently. Therefore it’s time to gear up to become part of your social publishing plan in the emails you update customers and the video ads you spread on the internet.

There is no need to panic: making videos is no longer as expensive or demanding as it was a few years ago, before the spread of sophisticated smartphones and cameras at relatively low prices; but in any case, for example for the production of the most representative films for the promotion of the company, you may need to turn to professional video editors to Create Video Ads that have a quality result.

Main Benefits of Using Video in Social Media Strategy

1. Grab people’s attention: The first advantage of using video, unlike sharing a link on a Facebook page, for example (one of the most popular techniques on social networks), is that when you broadcast a video, it will get noticed very quickly. With the video, your audience will directly know the duration and the topic of your video, thanks to its title and thumbnail.

2. Video increases brand awareness: Your business enjoys high visibility when entertaining and educational videos describing your business, products, services, etc., are presented to potential customers. When the video is captivating with quality content, your business name stays on the customer’s mind.

3. Video brings social sharing: Video sharing has become a trend, and research shows that over 92% of cell phone users who use videos share them with other people. You can highlight the characteristics and achievements of your company, its products and services, customer satisfaction data, etc., entertainingly and describe your business through your eyes to potential customers.

4. Video creates trust: Product videos are estimated to aid decision making, and 90% of users agree on this. The more quality videos you create for customers, the more you build a solid foundation of trust that turns into sales.

5. Videos have stronger emotional connections: Even though users don’t make an immediate purchase while watching a video, it continues to flow into their subconscious in subtle ways. The evocation of emotions by the video turns out to be a positive sign which most often results in a conversion to come.

6. High return on investment: The rewards that a video can provide are excellent. The engagement rate of the video is more than that of any other type of post. According to a survey, 74% of marketers say videos have a higher ROI than static posts like photos.

Let’s see Video features deployed by social platforms.

All social media channels can share videos. It is essential to understand how to format and Create Video Ads content on social media as not all videos work on all platforms.

Social platforms have also deployed their video distribution systems such as Lives, IGTVs, and Facebook Watch because of this video craze. 

Here are the possibilities offered by each platform:

  • On Twitter, you can share videos and GIFs.
  • On Facebook, you can post videos, share in Stories, Make Lives, and users can go to Facebook Watch to discover video content.
  • On Instagram, you can publish videos, post them in stories, make Lives and publish IGTV.
  • On YouTube, you can post videos, make Lives, and influential accounts can also share them in stories.
  • On LinkedIn, you can share videos, and you will soon be able to make stories (which are currently in the testing phase in the United States)
  • On Snapchat, you can share videos in stories.

Online video editors can easily make your work easy. There are plenty of transitions, including your music library. The output quality is also high, and you can choose to export the video in various formats. It is must-have video software with all the tools you need to Create Video Ads for social media platforms.

What strategy to adopt to create a good video?

  • You also need to build trust and be completely transparent with your audience, giving the Internet user some confidence in you and your activity.
  • If you respect these fundamentals, you can be considered a reliable, credible and exciting source of information (or more depending on what you want to show).


The place of video on social networks increases; brands use this medium to engage their customers, stimulate their visibility, and generate leads. This format is essential in the field of social media. First of all, you should know that video is a considerable asset in your communication on social networks; it will be a real engagement engine for Internet users. Moreover, current Internet users become lazy when it comes to social networks, and if they choose, they will much prefer watching audiovisual content rather than reading a text! This is the whole point of using audiovisual content; they have a powerful ability to attract, retain and generate commitment. 

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