How To Become A Western Union Agent

How To Become A Western Union Agent

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Western Union as we all know is a money and message transfer service that is based out of the United States, having a lot of agents all around the world. And so if anyone is interested in becoming a new agent, the person will have to apply and must be accepted through Western Union’s corporate headquarters. To have knowledge on how to become a Western Union agent will help in creating a lucrative opportunity for your business.

How To Become A Western Union Agent

So, in this article, we are going to discuss how one can become an agent of Western Union.

How to Become An Agent Of Western Union

The first thing is to determine your eligibility

To be a western union agent, you must own your own business. At least a retail business which can be deemed eligible to be a qualified western union location.

Acquiring the required equipment

Every agent of Western Union must have the basic office equipment and also internet service to be able to conduct financial transactions.

The required equipment for western union transactions are;

  • a functioning computer
  • a very good internet connection
  • a functioning printer (although it is not all aspects that requires a printer at the business site)

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Completing an application

 If you have met with all the business requirements, you may now be eligible to be a Western Union agent. In order to confirm your if you are eligible, you will have to complete the online registration, which western union will have to review.

During the application, you will be asked for the following pieces of information:

  • You be asked to confirm that you own your own business.
  • They will also need to confirm that you have a functioning computer that has a reliable internet connection.
  • To confirm your name and personal contact information (like your phone number and email address).
  • Also need to confirm the name, address, and work number of your business.
  • To confirm the nature of your business (either by type/category).
  • They need to confirm how many locations your business your business has.

They will also confirm how you heard about becoming a Western Union agent.

In other to fill in the application of becoming a western union agent, you will be required to supply your;

  • You will need to provide your social security digits.
  • you will have to tell how long you have been in business.
  • You will also tell how you heard about being an agent of Western Union.
  • And why you wish to be an agent of Western Union.

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