Are Insurance Replacement Phones Unlocked?

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Currently, researches have shown that at first in dealing with the issues of the replacement of phones been locked or not, that it is dependent on the kind of phone because most times, there are some kind of phones that are not locked when replaced but some happen to be locked when replaced, is it the fault of the insurer when this happens or the fault of the factory production? And what exactly does the insured tend to do at this point in time?

For the iPhone users, research and various investigations have however been carried out and it has been discovered that the Insurers when the phone is replaced, tend to lock the phone and hereafter the phone will then be unlocked after some processes might have been undergone. It is worthy to note that most times in this process of the phone replacement, there are some of the lockings that are not from the insurance firms but that of the people that produced the phone and this comes strongly for the iPhone users. The replaced phone that locks takes a period of about 30 days before it can be unlocked and the reason for this is proper verification. Most times when the phones are opened after been locked within 30 days, if not used I 30 days again, it goes locked again.

Are Insurance Replacement Phones Unlocked

It is also worthy to note that most replacement phones are unlocked during replacement while the others are unlocked, having carried out a critical study, I came to discover that most of the reasons why the phones are locked at replacement are due to the fact that there has to be proper verification as regards to the insured if it was actually his or her phone or not, for instance,  when it comes to Apple phones, it has shown that during their replacements, it is mostly locked and certain criteria are needed before it can be unlocked; though some persons said this (phone lock) happens when your stolen phone or the damaged own was locked initially so when replacement is been done, it uses that same vein to lock so you could open it just as you claimed to be the owner of the phone. Thus, in conclusion, not all replaced phones are locked as it differs in accordance with the insurance policies that were stipulated and made.

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