Apple Music TV Streams Music Videos, Shows, And Events Round The Clock

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Apple has launched a free music video channel called Apple Music TV. It’s available in the browser tab on both the Apple Music and Apple TV apps, or you can try it out on the web.

The channel will stream a curated selection of videos around the clock. Apple is launching this with a rundown of Apple Music’s 100 must-streamed songs ever, strictly on US listening data – only users in the US will be able to watch for the time being. Apple Music TV will also have music video premieres, live shows, chart countdowns, and much more.

Apple Music TV Streams Music Videos, Shows And Events Round The Clock

There are a couple of events bound to come to happen, including a release party of sorts on Thursday for Bruce Springsteen’s new album. Apple Music TV will stream blocks of Springsteen’s best videos, and host a live-streamed fan event and an interview with Apple Music 1 host Zane Lowe.

Apple Music TV could be a fun way to recapture the magic of the old MTV since that network hasn’t really been about music for a long time.

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