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Vizio Smart TV can be described as a full package for your television entertainment needs. Vizio TV’s give users easier access to streaming services like Pandora and Netflix, considering the normalcy these days that many people who use smart TV are mostly occupied using it to stream movies and TV shows from popular streaming services, hence it is safe to say that purchasing a Vizio Smart TV is definitely cost-effective. Some models of Vizio Smart TV give you a selection of apps to install, while some others restrict you to the preinstalled apps.

Add Apps to Vizio Smart Tv Not in App Store

Apart from the availability of relatively sufficient streaming apps on the Vizio Smart TV, there are some other apps you may want to access with your Vizio Smart TV but can’t find on the app store of the TV. Here is what you should know about how you can access apps that aren’t available on your Vizio TV app store.

  • The first thing to note about getting an app on your Vizio Smart TV which is not in the Vizio App Store is that it technically isn’t possible because you can only add the selection of apps that are offered on the TV app store. However, there’s a way around it which is the Smart Cast, but then you won’t be adding the app to your Vizio Smart TV, rather you would be casting it from the device where the app has been installed.
  • Secondly, not all Vizio Smart TVs are enabled to Smart Cast, there are different models of the Vizio Smart TV and the earlier models are not enabled to Smart Cast. If your Vizio Smart TV is a 2017 or earlier model, there is a likelihood that the TV isn’t enabled to Smart Cast. To check that your TV has the Smart Cast feature, you can check your TV guide to know the specifications of your TV.

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Using the Smart Cast Feature for Apps Not in the Vizio App Store

This feature helps you access those apps that you may not be able to install directly into your Vizio Smart TV or that may not be available in the Vizio app store. The process is akin to using Chromecast on your other smart TV’s. To cast on your Vizio TV screen from your mobile device, you would first get the Vizio Smart Cast app installed into your device. Next, navigate to your device store, Google Play Store on your Android device, or Apple App Store on your iOS device. While selecting the app you want to cast, check that it is enabled to Chromecast, then proceed to install.

Launch the App, find the icon for casting on the app, and tap on it. At this time also ensure that the Smart Cast on your Vizio Smart TV is enabled. As you do this the app would be cast on your Vizio Smart TV.

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