8 Best Free GeoGuessr Alternatives You Can Work With

8 Best Free GeoGuessr Alternatives You Can Work With

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8 Best Free GeoGuessr Alternatives You Can Work With

Launched in 2013, GeoGuessr is a well known edutainment game that allows you to test your topography information without limit. While it once used to be free, it went premium in 2019 after Google climbed the costs of its Maps API. While numerous designers changed to choices like OpenStreetMap following the climb, GeoGuessr has held Google’s planning administrations. Nonetheless, the superior value implies that numerous GeoGuessr players are keeping watch for the best free other options. On the off chance that you are one of them, here are the 10 best topography based question and answer contests like GeoGuessr you can play at the present time.

Best Free Alternatives to GeoGuessr You Can Play

In this article, we will list the 10 best free GeoGuessr options you can play on your PC and portable. Like GeoGuessr, they all test your geology information, however they are additionally either altogether free or, at any rate, offer a free form with a diminished list of capabilities. So immediately, how about we look at the rundown of games like GeoGuessr.

City Guesser: Best Free GeoGuessr Alternative

Conceivably the best free option in contrast to GeoGuessr, City Guesser is a program game that is a ton like its more distinguished partner, yet it utilizes video rather than the Google Maps API. Additionally, it’s free. The game plays a full-screen video of an arbitrary area anyplace all throughout the planet. At the point when you’re prepared with your theory, click on the ‘Begin Guessing’ button at the base to raise the guide. Make your conjecture and hit the green ‘Estimate’ button at the base option to perceive how close you are. There’s likewise a multiplayer mode that allows you to contend with companions. To begin, make a private room or join a public one.

You can play City Guesser with areas from everywhere the world or tight your concentration to a specific nation, mainland, or district. Choices incorporate the US, Japan, France, Russia, and India, among others. City Guesser maps likewise incorporate classes like significant urban communities, occupied spots, seaside urban areas, capital urban communities, blanketed scenes, and that’s just the beginning.

While a few recordings will offer you obvious hints of where you are (like car number plates), you should work somewhat harder with different recordings. In general, the game isn’t pretty much as trying as GeoGuessr, yet it’s still similarly as engaging, making it the best free game on this rundown.

  • Platform: Web
  • Pricing: Free

As its name tells, PlayGeography is another geology based game like GeoGuessr. It comes from an edutainment firm called TeachMe, which offers family-situated instructive games and applications. It’s an incredible game to become familiar with world geology, yet not at all like GeoGuessr, it doesn’t offer 3D guides, nor does it offer recordings like City Guesser. All things considered, you get 2D guides on which you need to figure the city, state, country, banners, and so on It is even more a ‘map test’ game and an exceptionally including one at that. Nonetheless, PlayGeography is allowed to play with no limitations on how frequently you can play it each day.


PlayGeography incorporates five distinctive game modes, including nation, area, banners, capitals, and states/territories. There are additionally various levels with various trouble modes for each game. Each game has a clock, and the quicker you answer your inquiry, the more focuses you procure.

PlayGeography is an ideal option in contrast to GeoGuessr if your goal is to become familiar with the world in a great manner. It is free, has a larger number of inquiries than GeoGuessr, and needn’t bother with you to sign in or make a record to begin. Generally, it gets a major approval from us for being a fun, healthy approach to invest energy with your loved ones.

  • Platform: Web
  • Pricing: Free


Geotastic is the best free crowdfunded option in contrast to GeoGuessr. It is a flexible, free, multiplayer topography question and answer contest that you can play with your loved ones. You can browse among various Game modes, including arbitrary road sees, mainstream tourist spots, and a banner speculating mode. There’s additionally a nation speculating mode that expects you to figure the right nation utilizing signs and clues.

Geotastic is free however requires a record for you to sign in and begin playing. Players can either make a nearby game as a component of the single-player mode or decide on an online hall for the multiplayer alternative. For the last mentioned, just the client who makes the online entryway needs a record.

As far as I can tell, Geotastic is perhaps the most fascinating GeoGuessr options I played. It is a pleasant free game with limitless plays, various modes, and a few difficulties. Generally, Geotastic is quite like GeoGuessr, however without the expense or exacting limitations. Nonetheless, it is gift product, which implies you should give to keep the game running. One of the lone negatives here is that there are just 88 nations in the test mode, albeit that is even all that could possibly be needed for most players.

  • Platform: Web
  • Pricing: Donation-ware


GetLost is one more free GeoGuessr elective, with an essential spotlight on the US and India. It is a geographic revelation game that utilizations randomized streetside guides, and they incorporate pieces of information and clues that empower players to sort out the area. The game contains five adjusts, and scoring relies upon how close your supposition is to the genuine area appeared in Streetview. The current max score is 5,000 for every round. Like Geotastic, it additionally needs you to make a record to begin playing the game. You can either make a record with your email or sign in utilizing your Twitter or Google certifications.

In contrast to GeoGuessr, you don’t get a multiplayer mode in GetLost. In any case, the single-player ongoing interaction is pretty including, and gamers can distinguish the urban communities from the road signs, building names, and so on The game highlights areas from around the world, yet the spotlight is by all accounts on North America and India. I found the vast majority of the areas in India difficult to figure in light of the absence of road signs. Nonetheless, the ones in the US were a little simpler, particularly those in the urban communities.

GetLost offers free interactivity, just as superior estimating plans, for genuine geology enthusiasts. Free records are restricted to one game meeting of five rounds each day, which implies you should pay to play with no limitations. Notwithstanding, the free experience is even more remunerating than GeoGuessr on the grounds that you will play five rounds with no planning limitations.

  • Platform: Web
  • Pricing: Free; Premium Plan costs $2.99/month or $23.99/year


Seterra is a standout amongst other free GeoGuessr choices for dark language clients in 2021. It incorporates fun tests that help acquaint you with nations, capital urban areas, banners, streams, lakes, and outstanding topographical highlights. There are nine distinctive game modes to challenge you in an unexpected way. Likewise, Seterra Online has a ‘voice’ highlight that assists you with learning the right way to express the names of nations, urban communities, and spots. The game offers in excess of 400 guides in excess of 40 unique dialects, including numerous generally dark ones.

Seterra has a web adaptation for PCs, just as versatile applications for Android and iOS. All guide tests are adaptable, so you can choose just the areas you are keen on. Accessible locales incorporate the US, North and Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, and the World. Players can likewise share custom tests with companions, family, or understudies. Seterra isn’t just outstanding amongst other geology random data and test games yet in addition offers an ‘Life structures and Science’ test that allows you to become familiar with the human body.

  • Platforms: Web, Android, iOS
  • Pricing: Free (ad-supported); $1.99/month to remove ads

Hide & Seek World

Hide and Seek World is a pleasant topography question and answer contest with an incredible idea and a solid accentuation on the multiplayer experience. It comprises of a couple of turns, and in each turn, there’s one hider who chooses an area some place on the planet and 1-5 searchers who attempt to figure the area dependent on Google Street View pictures. As a hider, you will probably pick a troublesome area as the better the searchers surmise your area, the less focuses you get. As a searcher, you get more focuses in the event that you surmise better.

Hide and Seek World depends on the well known youngsters’ down, yet players here have a virtual jungle gym rather than this present reality. All things considered, the entire world is currently your jungle gym instead of simply your lawn, the storerooms, and the upper room. Toward the finish of each round, you can see every player’s theory and how far everybody was from the concealing spot. The game has two game modes: Street View and Satellite. In Street View mode, you stow away by choosing a road see area, while in Satellite mode, your concealing spot is an irregular zoomed-in territory.

Hide and Seek World has both free and paid renditions. The free form restricts you to one game each day, while the paid rendition allows you to play limitless rounds, just as in-game customizations, and up to 20 parts in private mode. The most elevated level likewise allows you to welcome companions to play.

  • Platform: Web
  • Pricing: Free; Pro at $3/month and Premium at $8/month

World Geography Games

World Geography Games offers engaging and instructive test games for youngsters, understudies, grown-ups, and seniors who need to find out about the world. The tests incorporate inquiries concerning every one of the nations and are useful for people “regardless of whether (they) are rehearsing for a test, searching for a free intelligent whiteboard asset, or looking (their) next occasion objective,” guarantee the designers. The game ought to likewise assist educators with drawing in their understudies in a pleasant path in elementary school, auxiliary school, self-teaching, and coaching.

World Geography Games is allowed to utilize, and it sure tests your topography abilities. It allows you to take tests on nations, landmasses, capitals, banners, mountains, oceans, streams, deserts, volcanoes, islands, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. In general, it offers more game sorts than GeoGuessr, yet prominent by its nonappearance is any kind of 3D planning or recordings. In any case, it is an incredible free option in contrast to GeoGuessr and one that you should test on the off chance that you need to improve your geology information for nothing.

  • Platform: Web
  • Pricing: Free


Truly outstanding and most fascinating GeoGuessr options, Zoomtastic is a great method to find out about different nations all throughout the planet. It is a program based game that begins by showing a guide of an arbitrary country. Players have 30 seconds to effectively figure the area once they see the guide that works out gradually, giving you more data over the long run. Following 10 seconds, four potential answers show up, and you need to pick one. Each right answer gets you 100 focuses, however you will get just 30 seconds to respond to each address.

Zoomtastic is an incredible game in the event that you have an essential information on geology, however it’s not difficult to perceive any reason why it very well may be disappointing for a few. It additionally has only one game mode, which implies you can just conjecture nations and not urban communities, milestones, or different areas. Furthermore, the site isn’t versatile agreeable, so it is ideal to play this GeoGuessr elective on a PC. All said and done, Zoomtastic is one of the better free games for topography enthusiasts nd the ‘Did You Know’ answer toward the finish of each question is an extraordinary method to acquire information about different nations.

  • Platform: Web
  • Pricing: Free


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